Floor Model Easels

Our easels adapt the principles of 19th century artist’s easels to modern needs and materials. Handcrafted from selected hardwoods and superior grade hardware, some of which is custom made, these heirloom quality easels will support canvases up to 110” and can be easily adapted to handle even taller paintings. Our drive mechanism allows precise, controlled movement for both the height adjustment and for the tilting feature. Our different floor model versions along with the various option packages should cover the requisites of any conservation department.

Photo: Two of our CE-300 center-post easels it the conservation department at the Whitney Museum.


Easel Models

CE 100 A-Frame Floor Model Easel

Our flag ship model, the CE 100 has the most versatility including a cranking tilt feature and an optional back side tray suitable for smaller paintings.

CE 300 Center-Post Easel

A very popular model that has all the attributes of the 100 except the tilt function.  The 300 can be made double sided, so you get two fully featured easels in the floor space of one – great for studios with limited space.

PSE 200 Photographic Services Easel

Built primarily, but not exclusively, for photographic service work of all types.  Usually built from Maple or Ash, the typical finish is ebonized with an almost flat sheen top coat.  Built from either the 100 or 300 easel platforms, they can be hand cranked or motorized.