CE 300 Easel

Responding to requests for a more modern looking & slightly less expensive easel, the Center-Post model was designed to meet those requirements. It still has the same basic functions of Model 100 except it does not have a tilting painting frame feature, although it could be added upon request. Because of its upright construction and deep main frame, it can be built as a double-sided version, with both sides having the full compliment of functions. This is especially useful for smaller studios where space is at a premium.

CE 300 Easels in use

Leiden Gallery

Beyeler Foundation

Whitney Museum

Helen Houp, artist

CE 300 Specifications

Wood Type:

Maple, Cherry, White Ash as well as the more traditional Walnut or Mahogany
We can build your easel in a wood choice to match or compliment your studio’s motif.

Finish: Hand rubbed Tung oil


  • Base – 30” (76cm) wide x 30” (76cm) deep
  • Height in closed position – 87” (221cm)
  • Overall height – 162” (411cm)
  • Maximum painting height capacity – 104” (264cm)
  • Minimum painting height capacity in main clamping frame – 54.375 (138cm)
  • Maximum painting height capacity when using auxiliary stay – 48.375 (123cm)
  • Typical tray depth – 3” (8cm) *can specify other depths

Construction Features:

  • The main upright is notched & bolted through the base.
  • All other frames are mortise & tenon joinery.
  • Tongue & groove tracks are precisely machined & waxed for smooth operation.


  • Height adjustment is hand cranked
  • Painting clamping frame is adjusted via rope & pulley
  • Sturdy casters lock the wheel & the swivel movement

Click here to download a PDF with complete specifications.

The CE 300 DS in use at J. Paul Getty Museum
Customized double-sided version